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Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Nails

Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Nails

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Do you want magical nails and you want them fast and easy? Base Coat and Top Coat for Gel Nail Polish at 50% OFF!

Removable Base Coat 

The crystal clear base coat that adheres to the natural nail and protects your nails against nail polish staining or yellowing. Proper application that can last 2 WEEKS+.  Before brushing nail gel, apply the removable base coat as a transition layer between real nails and colored nail gel to prevent nails from turning yellow, protect nail surface. 

Tempered Top Coat

Moist and translucent gel make the color clear and shiny. Apply topcoat (remember to seal the edge of the nail ). Then cure under the UV/LED Nail Lamp for 30-90 seconds or as long as necessary. 

Works with regular nail polish, gel and acrylic nails and built in nail sets. 

How to Use:

  1. Clean nails and trim nail surface
  2. Shake the base coat and apply to your nails. Apple a thin coat from the cuticle to the edge of the nail
  3. Cure nails under UV/Led Nail Lamp until dry
  4. Apply your color nail polish and cure the nails until dry
  5. Apply Tempered Top Coat and cure the nails until dry
  6. Remove the tacky residue on nails with a cleanser


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