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Ultrasonic Beauty Massager

Ultrasonic Beauty Massager

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Beautify yourself at the highest levels with the  Beauty Massager!

This is one of the most innovative devices loved and used in many professional beauty centers around the world!


It's equipped with 5 advanced technologies to nourish and rejuvenate your skin via the use of skin care products by promoting the production of collagen and stimulating your skin's metabolism. 

LED photons help stimulate the deep cells, make the active ingredients of the nutrient solution penetrate into the skin effectively, and help increase skin elasticity. 


Beauty Massager compromises of 5 functions to treat individual problems, by concentrating on a specific colored light for respective treatments.

1. RF- stimulates collagen regeneration

Radio frequency (RF) is a high frequency. It is a thermal penetration therapy. Through RF conductive head, It transmits a kind of electromagnetic energy caused by high-frequency ac change to the subcutaneous tissue. It will conduct heat through the 4 points and people will feel a little warm during the treatment. RF therapy can stimulate the dermis collagen regeneration, may help increase the thickness and the density of the dermis, may help smooth wrinkles, and may help restore skin elasticity and luster, ensure the face looks natural.

anti aging massager

2. EMS - Electroporation

May help enhance skin tissue penetration. EMS treatment helps your skin absorb skincare products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and creams. EMS treatment is an advanced technique used widely by beauticians. Simulates massaging, tapping, scraping, acupuncture.

3. Ultrasonic feature- Ultrasonic massage

Produces micro-massage effect through vibration on the skin. Thus, believed to improve blood circulation, strengthen cell permeability, promote tissue regeneration, soften skin tissue to make the skin shiny and elastic.

4. Acoustic vibration function - Massage, clean

Comforts nerves by acoustic vibration massage. Helps promote blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, tightens skin. Everyone's face has more than 300,000 pores; hands and facial cleaning liquid can only wash the surface of the skin. It is difficult to remove the oil residue from the pores. The high-frequency vibration has 8500 beats per minute, effectively cleansing pores, cleaning the oil residue.

5. LED lights function - Hyperplasia of collagen, removing bacteria

Super strong red light: wavelength 620nm (±5nm) 9 LEDs deeply reaches into the 625nm skin to help promote blood circulation and collagen regeneration, may help enhance the skin elasticity, to make the skin to be smooth and moisturized.

Red light: help promote blood circulation and collagen regeneration to enhance skin elasticity

Green light: help dilute pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and can improve overall skin color

Blue light: may help reduce bacteria, promote blood circulation

Yellow light: help stimulate the lymphatic and nervous system, restore the balance of sensitive skin

Pink light: help improve blood circulation and strengthen the absorption of beauty essences

Ultrasonic Face Lift Anti Aging Massager


Read the instructions manual before use.


1. Adolescents who suffer from acne, redness, inflammation
2. People have an aging skin appearance
3. People who have big pores and rough skin
4. People who have dark circles and pouch 
5. People who have dry skin 
6. Daily computer user, white-collar workers, nightclub gens, people often stay up late 


1 x Beauty instrument
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging base
1 x User manual(English)


We recommend using skincare products during the process as it helps improve absorption up to 10X.

anti aging massager ultrasonic


 *Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary

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